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Dillon advocates for a second chance at life and service, finding in Art the ideal venue to exhibit her philosophical beliefs. She challenges the notion of disposability, integrating reclaimed materials into her dynamic, brightly-hued artworks.


The studio space is an active work and retail space that serves as a way for our team to create. Our mission is to create a safe space for people to challenge their practice and make steps towards a more sustainable future. We have slightly outgrown the space but continue to share it with you!


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Step into Stephanie Dillon Art & Fashion, where you’ll find more than just art and apparel—you’ll discover a philosophy. A place where what’s old is made beautifully new again, and where art is not just seen but experienced and lived. Join us in our mission to make the world a more colorful and conscientious place.

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Stephanie Dillon Art

Dillon speaks of second life, more life, opportunities to serve other people and the planet. Through recycled canvas's and mixed media, Dillon interrogates the idea of disposability.

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Please fill out the contact form here with any questions, feedback and inquiries. Stephanie Dillon and The Citizen-T Project aims to empower local communities to actively participate in decision-making processes and societal changes. We would love to talk partnerships and opportunities to learn and practice sustainability. Please allow 48hrs for response.

  • Stephanie DIllon

    A Twin Cities based many medium artist who believes that what's old is still beautiful, what we have is enough and Art is everywhere. Through recycled canvas's and mixed media, Dillon interrogates the idea of disposability. She has 8 years’ board experience and is a member of Rolling Stone’s Culture Council.

  • Citizen-T project

    Stephanie Dillon, a passionate environmentalist, founded the Citizen-t project to empower individuals to monitor and advocate for the planet and their communities. With Citizen-t, Stephanie aims to drive awareness, policy change, and ultimately improve public health on a global scale through activism and sustainability practices.