No. 017

Citizen T

The Citizen-t project supports local communities by creating value from otherwise discarded materials. Through collaboration with local designers we have sourced a variety of vintage deadstock T shirts and created unique one of a kind, wearable art.

Singular Art

Original Artwork

Stephanie Dillon is a Twin Cities–based many-medium artist who drives reinvention as regeneration. By reviving discarded items to bring new beauty to each piece and using a variety of creative techniques, she interrogates and rejects the idea of disposability.


Painting has transformed the way she shares her pain, joy, disappointments, and grief, as well as her gratitude for life. Dillon places a secret word behind each of her canvases and her painting 'launches' from that theme.

She employs found materials and acrylics in the creation of her vibrantly colored compositions.

Sustainability is the core of everything Stephanie creates, is her mission to reduce her footprint, be mindful and to not be neutral.

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